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Global Trainers Academy is an exclusive Learning & Development Technology Platform that aims to transform the way the present training industry functions, changing how trainers deliver their training as well as when and where the trainees learn. Thus, empowering both the trainer and the trainee at every stage of their journey.


Teaching is the most important profession. It is a continuous process of transmitting accumulated knowledge, skills, and values from one generation to another. Teaching through thoughtfully developed course objectives, learning outcomes, and course content not only offers the education, skills, and attitudes that are the need of the hour, which but also eventually nurtures and develops the human race to become more successful and transformed. GTA has made this entire process of teaching and learning more meaningful and engaging. This platform is designed to enhance the relationships between teachers and learners. GTA enables teachers to effectively integrate technology into subject areas and thereby grow themselves into roles of mentor, content expert, and coach.



The use of the right technology tools in delivering training and the right devices in trainees’ hands enables them to take up training to gain skills that allow them to pursue their career goals irrespective of their location and schedules. Designed to offer meaningful and personalized learning experiences, GTA enables trainees to take ownership of how they learn and inspires them to become innovators, critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and collaborators.

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Certifications provide recognition and get trainees job-ready for an in-demand position. Allow your trainees to become proficient in your field of study and help them stand out on a resume. Create and offer certificate courses and training programs at GTA to help your trainees demonstrate their accomplishments.

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Connections are the key to all relationships leave alone businesses. At GTA, you need not find ways to connect with yourself and others. GTA provides its users with an opportunity to increase their reach. As soon as you register, you automatically start building your network by connecting with GTA’s active community of trainers and trainees. Witness your learning and training get transformed through GTA.



Trainers, teachers, and educators many a time struggle to select and apply technology in a way that best connects with the interest of their trainees and fulfills their learning goals. To help trainers understand the specific interests/needs of their target audience and ensure that the developed course/training program meets the desired outcome, GTA allows trainers to create short pilot assessments/studies. Based on such assessments, the trainers will be able to recommend the right course to the right audience!



Collaboration helps build relationships, understand different perspectives, foster interactions, and discussions that facilitate knowledge sharing, expressing opinions as well as active learning. As the outcomes associated with collaboration are very positive and vital for remote teaching and learning environment, GTA helps you collaborate with more and more GTA learners and trainers to strengthen your teaching and learning at GTA.


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Bridge Connect

You have explored the best social media sites to gain traction, but were you successful in monetizing your knowledge sharing? Now go global with Bridge Connect! Schedule a broadcast, invite attendees to view your event, and monetize by presenting your concepts to the audience by going live or sharing your recorded video as a part of your Course/Training Program.

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In built LMS

You must have burnt the midnight candle creating those learnable content. How many people have been transformed through it? Embrace all capabilities of our Learning Management System (LMS) to organize and manage your online training courses, your trainees, their progress, results, and certifications successfully from a single location.

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Future Perfect

Future Perfect empowers you by deepening your understanding of the various aspects of your personality & self by systematically working on your mind set, heart set, attitude and skills with highly personalised help from our experts.

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