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Global Trainers Academy is the one stop shop training solution that aims to address a trainers and trainees needs by making learning flexible and easily deliverable as well as accessible, anytime anywhere.

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While Training is the core of any Human Transformation; In any given situation, one needs to give themselves one more chance to "REBOOT”. For Success to become guarantee in a pressing environment every Individual is striving to become better. An increasing gap in identifying the best training solutions backed by technology and quality content has become a burning question between the Corporates, Trainers and Trainees. Thus it has given rise to practices taking up the role which may not always safeguard the interest of many within the Learning and Development (L&D) industry. Built to create a unique, engaging and result-oriented experience, GTA seamlessly integrates the highest level of credible content and technology to optimize learning, enhance performance, and monetize training.The Platform aims to help each and every individual from the Learning & Development fraternity who would like to be empowered as “Transformational Training Star” or “Transformational Coach” and are exceedingly committed to excellence and helping others succeed. GTA helps break all barriers of languages and cultural sensitivities to empower trainers to reach a greater audience. At the same time, GTA enables more and more trainees to benefit from quality content and certification from Industry Stalwarts. GTA offers highly secure and the most powerful platform that brings together the trainers to offer their trainees the best courses in almost any subject.

Global Trainers Academy is a democratic Initiative to “Empower” every individual within the Learning and Development industry.

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You have explored the best social media sites to gain traction, but were you successful in monetizing your knowledge sharing? Now go global with Bridge Connect! Schedule a broadcast, invite attendees to view your event, and monetize by presenting your concepts to the audience by going live or sharing your recorded video as a part of your Course/Training Program.

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You must have burnt the midnight candle creating those learnable content. How many people have been transformed through it? Embrace all capabilities of our Learning Management System (LMS) to organize and manage your online training courses, your trainees, their progress, results, and certifications successfully from a single location.

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Future Perfect

Future Perfect empowers you by deepening your understanding of the various aspects of your personality & self by systematically working on your mind set, heart set, attitude and skills with highly personalised help from our experts

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